Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Laundry Bag Chic

Runway looks top - Stella McCartney, bottom - Celine

I found it quite amusing that two of my favourite FW13 collections seemed to both reference the good old cheap laundry bag.  In homage to the classic crispy plastic totes found in your local dollar store, both designers have come up with beautiful incarnations of this flimsy plaid.  The Celine coats in particular are really beautiful and capture consistency of the bags rather well.  I love this tongue in cheek reference but I am sure the price will be another world away from it's origin.


  1. Ahaha... These are ridiculous and beautiful all at once. x

  2. Brilliant. Your whole blog is brilliant.

  3. i love the celine coats - just need to sell a few internal organs before FW13!

  4. The laundry bag turned into high fashion coat gives a new meaning to utilitarian haha


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